A virtual solution for your meetings and assemblies

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Over the next few weeks, if not months, it will be difficult if not impossible to get your board of directors together or hold your co-op's general meeting the way you did before the pandemic.

Video conferencing and webcasting technology can help your co-op adapt to this new reality.

What Coop de solidarité WEBTV has to offer

WEBTV provides video conferencing and webcasting technologies for virtual meetings of up to 500 people at very affordable rates.

Available options


Virtual meeting with up to 500 participants.

Rate: $65 / h (Minimum of 2 hours billing per event)

Videoconferencing and Webcasting

Live webcast of the videoconference including a chat module allowing viewers to interact with participants on screen. WEBTV provides video hosting and VOD.

Pricing: Initial fee of $250 per event + $ 65 / h (Minimum of 2 hours billing per event)


WEBTV ensures the realization of the videoconference and its webcast, if necessary. WEBTV ensures the sound quality and the images broadcast on the screen.

Prior to the videoconference, WEBTV shall provide participants with instructions and support to set up the device of their choice (computer, tablet or phone) and to connect to the conference.

Video recording for secretarial or archival purposes is also possible. Charges apply.

For more information or to book your videoconference.

Phone: 514-563-2222
Email: administration@webtv.coop