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FECHIMM’s 2020 Annual meeting will be held on April 24 and 25

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The 2020 FECHIMM general assembly will be held on April 24 and 25 at the Hôtel Place Dupuis (metro Berri-UQAM). Reporting to members, elections to the board of directors and processing of proposals will be the main items on the agenda.

The assembly program will also include a selection of training workshops allowing members to deepen their understanding of a variety of issues for cooperatives. Property maintenance, governance of large co-operatives, major works, intercooperation and member selection are among the topics that will be covered in the workshops scheduled on the Saturday morning

The assembly program will be presented in the information kit which will be sent to the co-operatives at the end of March. All information related to the AGM will also be available at

Representing your co-operative at the 2020 AGM

Each co-operative can send two official delegates per fifty dwellings up to a maximum of six delegates. However, only one vote is awarded per fifty housing units. The delegates are considered official upon presentation of an extract from the minutes of their board of directors or their general meeting. You can register online as of March 1st.

Find out more about the power of FECHIMM members (FR).

To submit a proposal to the 2020 AGM

Your co-operative may already submit proposals to be discussed at the AGM.

According to Article 4.3 of the Federation's Regulation No. 1, only delegates of member co-operatives and members of FECHIMM's Board of Directors may submit proposals.

Also, as it is the co-operatives as entities that are members of FECHIMM, the proposals submitted to the general meeting must be validated by a resolution of the board of directors or the general meeting of the co-operative, except for resolutions submitted from the floor.

Elections to the Board of Directors

This year, four positions will be filled on FECHIMM’s Board of Directors. The nomination period for the positions on the Board will open on April 3th. Submitting applications will be possible until the elections are held.

Those wishing to apply for a position on the Board will be invited to attend a workshop on the role and responsibilities of the members of the Federation's Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting. The date of the free workshop remains to be determined.