New vision

Change is taking shape

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The 2021 AGM elected 4 women and 2 men to the FHCQ-FECHIMM Board of Directors. Driven by a desire for change, the new board has already begun its work.

The new board team

Top row : Line Beauséjour (Mon toit), Pierre-Alain Cotnoir (Du Châtelet), Daniel Dion (Olymphia) and Patricia M Gagné (Le Réverbère and La montagne verte) Bottom row: Julie Gonthier Brazeau (Coup double), Véronique Lamarre-Tremblay (La Légende), Kadidia Nikiema (Bassins du Havre), Dominique Pion (La Source) and Mathieu Riendeau (Alfred Rouleau)

The executive committee

Line Beauséjour, president | Julie Gonthier-Brazeau, vice-president | Mathieu Riendeau, treasurer | Dominique Pion, secretary

New management

Following discussions between the new Board of Directors and the Federation's Executive Director, Gilles Nadon, the parties agreed on the need for a change in the Executive Director to prioritize a new vision for the Federation.

To ensure smooth operations until a new Executive Director is hired in August, the Board chose to build on the Federation's internal strengths.

Elimane Sy, Management Support Coordinator, will serve as interim Director. He will be assisted by Philippe Leclerc, who is responsible for support requests and training, and Richard Audet. Richard Audet will oversee communications and associative life as part of a transitional mandate.

The trio will work closely together to operationalize the interim under the supervision of the Executive Committee. The interim director and the two managers have the mandate to initiate the change of vision carried by the board of directors.


FHCQ-FECHIMM is proud to be associated with the largest housing advocacy campaign in Canadian history. As part of a broad coalition, our team is contributing to the non-partisan campaign to put homelessness and housing issues at the heart of the next federal election campaign. You can support the campaign now by pledging to vote for housing.

Upcoming | Assembly Decisions

In addition to electing a new Board of Directors, the 2021 General Assembly passed eight resolutions on a variety of issues. These decisions will be posted on the website this week and communicated to you via newsletter.

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