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Faced with the challenge of property maintenance, FECHIMM invites you to rely on the economic power of intercooperation. By committing to a shared approach with other housing cooperatives, you will be able to get more competitive prices and better conditions for carrying out your projects.

Your cooperative will also be able to free its members from heavy organizational burdens. In all projects, FECHIMM acts as a manager for the entire process: it organizes the grouping, issues the invitations to tender, selects suppliers and contractors and supervises the work

Eligible projects :

  • Roof maintenance visits
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Replacement of roofs, doors and windows
  • Cleaning the ventilation ducts
  • Replacing heating equipment and thermostats
  • Replacing the balconies

The procedure to follow

If you are interested in this sharing of resources, we recommend that you let us know of your projects after each annual meeting of your cooperative. FECHIMM will then be able to evaluate if your cooperative would benefit from this approach and the possibility of your needs meeting with those of other cooperatives wishing to undertake renovations of similar components.

In order to consider your request, please write to us at mutualisation@fechimm.coop and tell us:

  • the work to be done
  • when the project must be carried out
  • the proposed budget