To become a member

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The procedure to follow

For your cooperative to become a member of the FECHIMM, you need the approval of your general assembly. A resolution stating this approval must be supplied with the application form duly completed. The memberhsip of your cooperative must be approved by the Board of directors of the FECHIMM and is also conditional to some criterias.

2019 winners of membership contest

Co-ops L'Arche de Noé and Côte-de-la-Visitation are the winners of the two prizes of $250 to be spent at the partners of the COOP ADVANTAGES program.
Margaret Morris Co-op won the $300 prize for organizing an event.
Bon bec, Darling and Perce-Neige de Verdun cooperatives earned a $100 BMR gift card.


To become a member of the Federation, a cooperative must :

  • be incorporated according to the Law;
  • have its head office and the majority of its operations on the Federation's territory;
  • have signed a membership application form to the Federation ;
  • abide by the general by-laws ;
  • be accepted by the board of directors;
  • subscribe the number of social shares as required by the general by-law in article 2.1 and pay them according to article 2.2 ;
  • pay the annual fee as determined by the general assembly ;
  • take part in the activities and in the operations of the Federation ;
  • abide by the provisions of article 232 of the Law.


To become a member, every cooperative must also buy 10 qualification social shares of ten dollars ($10.00) each.


According to its needs, your cooperative can choose the complete membership which includes economic services or a basic membership without any economic services.

In choosing the complete membership, your cooperative is entitled to all the services available at the Federation at a most advantageous cost. By choosing the basic membership (without economic services), your cooperative is entitled to all the basic services. However, your co-op and its member households are not eligible for the economic services, and any benefits from the purchasing groups.


The basic contribution is the same for all cooperatives : $23.77 per housing unit.

The cooperative who pays this type of contribution is a member of the Federation and can take advantage of the free of charge or of the membership rebate for associative services' but cannot take part in the purchasing groups set up by the Federation or by the Movement and which constitutes the economic services.

The cooperative who wishes to profit from the economic services must pay a second portion of the contribution called "contribution for economic services" established at $24.95 per housing unit and is applicable to the first 50 housing units.



  • Housing cooperative $23.77/ unit / year for the basic contribution + $24.95/ unit / year more for the first 50 units for the contribution with economic services.
  • Coop in formation $118.83 / year


Housing committees, GRTs and acquiring corporations: $118.83 / year

For more information

Natalie Joseph
514-843-6929, ext. 246