CHF Canada AGM

The movement wants to make the governments aware of the need to keep existing housing co-operatives in good shape

Large aga fhcc 2019

The annual meeting of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) voted in favor of the late proposal submitted by FECHIMM. The resolution entitled "Repairs, Renovations and Restoration of Housing Co-operatives" received the support of 84% of delegates at the AGM, which wrapped up Saturday in London.

As we approach the federal election campaign, it was resolved that co-ops and housing co-op federations in Canada would work together to raise awareness among all levels of government of the need to keep existing housing co-ops in good condition.

Lower construction standards that prevailed during the creation of several cooperatives and the contamination and infiltration problems that limit the ability of many of them to refinance are some of the reasons given by FECHIMM to adopt the resolution.

The preamble of the resolution, presented by the Treasurer, Pierre-Alain Cotnoir, also highlights how important it is for the federal government to invest in the repair, renovation and restoration of housing co-ops in order to avoid significant rent increases in cooperatives that have to carry out the work.