Expansion of FECHIMM’s territory


Large expansion gf

FECHIMM will begin this fall a vast recruitment campaign to convince housing co-operatives from other regions of Quebec to join its ranks in order to benefit from the wide range of tools, benefits and services it already offers its 470 members.

The decision comes from the adoption of a resolution by the 2019 general assembly authorizing the change in FECHIMM's recruiting territory making it province wide.

The Federation officially informed the regional federations of housing co-operatives members of the CQCH and the Confederation of its intention in a letter from the chairman of the board, Luc Brisebois, sent to the members of the boards of directors of the six federations and of the Confederation.

"After nearly five years since FECHIMM’s disaffiliation from the Confédération québécoise des coopératives d’habitation (CQCH), (Quebec Confederation of Housing Cooperatives), we have to acknowledge our inability to find common ground for a respectful cohabitation in our respective territories," writes Luc Brisebois.

Recalling the failures of the various attempts at mediation between the parties since the 2014 disaffiliation and the continuous solicitation by the CQCH with the Metropolitan Montreal co-operatives for their membership and the sale of their services, the President believes that the refusal of the Confederation to respect the integrity of FECHIMM’s territory and the democratic will of its members forces the Federation to set in motion this expansion process.

"It goes without saying that this expansion of territory is against the principles and co-operative values that have always inspired FECHIMM’s members," notes Luc Brisebois. Without denying the differences of opinions that have emerged in the past and remain, FECHIMM would have liked to establish a new form of collaboration on common issues and needs, he argues.

"Instead, we will meet again in the autumn in a context of competition," he warns, noting that only a complete withdrawal of the CQCH from FECHIMM’s territory could stop this expansion process.

Concerning FECHIMM’S disaffiliation from the CQCH

FECHIMM officially disaffiliated from the CQCH on October 3, 2014. The democratic deficit and the problems of governance within the Confederation are among the reasons that led FECHIMM not to renew its membership with the CQCH. FECHIMM was also against the CQCH promoting the access to individual property for co-operatives, while respecting the right of other federations to work on this type of project.