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Housing co-operatives can now apply for funding from the Community Housing Transformation Centre, a new organization established as part of the National Housing Strategy to support housing organizations, including co-operatives, in their efforts to ensure the transformation, sustainability, and growth of community housing.

Launched in mid-December, the Centre offers three types of grants to support projects that will implement innovative housing solutions and undertake initiatives that will transform the sector in order to improve its resilience.

Construction and renovation projects are not eligible for grants. To be considered, proposals submitted must include new approaches, new tools, and new ways of doing things for the organization or the sector. They must also fall under at least one of the five priority areas established by the Centre:

  • Reducing the sector’s environmental footprint;
  • Answering to gaps in service for Indigenous communities;
  • Supporting innovative and sustainable business practices;
  • Increasing social inclusion and community engagement;
  • Facilitating growth of the Community Housing Sector.

3 grants available

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund

The Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTIF) aims to provide contributions for community housing providers, organizations, sector service providers and tenant associations to support vulnerable tenants, especially those living in affordable and community housing. These include initiatives to promote financial literacy, increase the knowledge of tenant members and increase participation.

Sector Transformation Fund (2 grants)

The Sector Transformation Fund mainly aims to increase the organizational capacity of the sector in order to make it evolve and prosper over the next ten years. Projects submitted under either of the two strands of the Fund should achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Leverage existing funding;
  • Lead the sector to reduce its environmental footprint;
  • Encourage housing initiatives for Indigenous peoples;
  • Develop tools and make them more accessible;
  • Support sectoral consolidation and other partnerships;
  • Reinforce organizational capacity;
  • Enhance sector resilience;
  • Identify and fill sectoral gaps in housing services;
  • Engage community.

Grant from the “Local Projects” component

This component aims to support community housing providers at the local level, individually or in small groups. The grants associated with this component favor projects that aim to offer new services to the community, improve those already in place as well as strengthen the organizational capacity of the beneficiary (ies). Projects must offer a realistic solution and align with the organization's mission.

Grant from the "Sector impact projects" component

This funding component is intended for transformation projects that offer more or better services to several communities in several areas.

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