The team of FECHIMM

Large ca 2019

Board of directors

On the picture (from left to right and from top to bottom): Luc Brisebois (Samuel 1er), Julie Chartrand (Ste-Cécile), Mashala Kashama Kashale (Cloverdale Village), Marie-Lise Bergeron (Station 1), Pierre- Alain Cotnoir (Le Châtelet), Line Beauséjour (Mon toit), François-Olivier Dansereau-Laberge (Parc Therrien), Daniel Dion (Olymphia) and Pierrette Trudel (Village Côte-des-Neiges).

Executive Committee

Luc Brisebois

Line Beauséjour

Pierre-Alain Cotnoir

Marie-Lise Bergeron



Marcel Pedneault
General manager

Gilles Nadon
Deputy general manager

Natalie Joseph
General management and associative life assistant


Daby Jean
Accountant responsible

Gabriel Cotnoir
Computer technician

Maria-Elena Dascalu
Technician for the list of applicants (PSBL-P)

Dominique Locas
Accounting and administrative support technician

Management support

Elimane Sy
Management support coordinator

Nicolas Abguéguen
Management advisor

Serge Côté
Management advisor

Camilo Uribe Garcia
Management advisor

Cristina Gavrila
Management advisor

Svetlana Georgieva
Management advisor

Julie Gonthier-Brazeau
Co-operative Governance and Conflict Resolution Advisor

Jocelyne Hamelin
Management support assistant

Michaël Lagacé-Nadon
Management advisor

Jean Sirois
Management advisor

Miranda Tanice
Management advisor


Elena Gorcheva
Bookkeeping coordinator

Cesar Alcantara
Bookkeeping technician

Angel Inca
Bookkeeping technician

Wendy Kernisant
Bookkeeping technician

Yelena Khlybova
Bookkeeping technician

Elide Rosa Riveros
Bookkeeping technician

Jingying Tan
Bookkeeping technician

Planning and construction work support

Pierre-Benoit Tennier
Planning and construction work support coordinator

Alain Roberge
Renovation project manager

Aude Morel
Consultant in pooling and project development

Christelle Vigoureux
Planning and construction work support assistant

Éric Tremblay
Conseiller technique en bâtiment

Glenda Barrios
Conseillère technique en bâtiment

Jhon Mosquera
Conseiller technique en bâtiment

Marie-Suzette Dessources
Planning and construction work support assistant

Sylvain Legault
Building Technical Advisor

Sylvie Lemay
Planning and construction work support assistant


Marie-Claude Séguin
Training and andragogy advisor

Philippe Leclerc
Responsible for support requests and training

Associative life

Tamara Achtman
Community worker

Richard Audet
Chief of communications

Louise Constantin
Councilor for associative and political affairs

Mariame Barry